ICEA Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator and trained Lactation Counselor

I believe that a woman’s body was designed to grow and birth a baby. The process is normal and not a pathological condition or one to be viewed and treated as an illness. Yet, I recognize that we live in a broken world with bodies that do not always function according to this design. For this reason I am thankful we have access to lifesaving tools and resources. They are tools in our tool box, but not ones we need to jump to using without necessity.

When parents take my Childbirth Education class I provide information that allows them to feel empowered and have positive feelings about the birthing process. I promote informed decision making based on all available options and offer the most up to date information on evidence based care for mother and baby.

When I serve families as their Doula they can expect the mother to be the in the center of her circle of care. My goal is to create a safe space in which the mother, her partner and her care providers communicate respectfully and the mother is empowered to cope through the birthing process.

My passion for supporting mothers started with the birth of my oldest child. I enjoy spending time with my family, being a life long learner, cooking, working out or running. 

I encourage you to check out the Resources page to learn more about my certifications and some of my favorite places to learn about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.