Not long ago Childbirth Advocate Cristen Pascucci wrote a great open letter to women called "Dear Friend, Birth doesn't have to suck". If you're on my website you've taken a step in the direction to educate and equip yourself with the tools and resources that will make your birth story completely different than if you just sat back and let someone else direct this journey. It is hard to swim up stream; to go against what culture has ingrained in us for decades. When you choose to be actively involved in decision making with your care provider you are changing the culture of birth for your children. It can take decades for us to see lasting change in the medical model. The birth of our children is a consumer-driven market, and as the consumer, you can speak loud and clear about what you want your care to look like. My passion runs deep for our overall health and well being. The birth process and the support we receive for breastfeeding deeply impact the physical, biological, and emotional health of a family long term. There are so many resources I love and want to share with you about birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Remember: "When you know better, you do better" -Maya Angelou.