Client Testimonials

Amanda is the best. She spared no time before, during or after my birth to make sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. During my birth, she was able to aid in averting a C-section because of her skilled interactions with the nurses, midwife and doctor. I am so grateful for her presence and integral involvement in bringing my daughter into this world. Also, her knowledge of holistic post-birth and baby practices were essential to those first few weeks. I wont do it again without her!

-Ongeleigh U

Amanda was an awesome doula! This was my first pregnancy and I thought I had read enough and prepared enough from my birthing class to know what to expect. I wanted a QUICK, natural, unmedicated water birth. As it turns out, you can't completely control the type of labor you have and Amanda was a tremendous asset in helping me cope with that. From first contraction to holding my babe, it was 60 hours. Of course, there were a few times I pleaded for an epidural and Amanda helped me breath through the pain. But there got to a point, where I needed the epidural to rest in order to have the strength the push out the baby. Amanda didn't shun me for this even when my labor slowed down after the epidural. She even recalled a method one of the midwives had mentioned of getting the baby to respond without the use of an IFM. Although, I didn't get my "dream birth", she helped me stay on track as close as possible to my birth plan. If you are looking for a doula who is patient, resourceful and firm yet gentle, Amanda is your gal!

-Ansley B

There are not enough superlatives to describe Amanda's amazing doula talents. We felt immediately comfortable with her from our first meeting. She was proactive, knowledgable, supportive of my ideals and birth goals, while being immensely encouraging during the most challenging and arduous 58 hours of my life. As first time parents, we were initially skeptical that we would even need a doula. Having now been through the birthing experience, we truly understand and appreciate the enormous necessity of a great birth doula. Amanda skillfully performed a vital role, and we simply couldn't have done it without her. Birthing is a transformative journey not only for the mother, but both parents. We both couldn't have fared the long and difficult passage into parenthood without her tremendous support. We fondly cherish the memories of our baby's birth, and we were fortunate to have had Amanda as a part of our experience.

-Melissa Deles, Eric Cummings and baby Emmett

I had very high hopes for my birth experience as a first time mom, and of course, very little went as I expected! On the day I went into labor, my baby was already two weeks late and I was scheduled to be induced the next morning. My husband and I were so grateful to have Amanda come to our home and encourage us throughout the process of labor. She helped us figure out when to leave for the hospital and advocated for us from the time we arrived until we finally met our baby girl, almost three days after my contractions began. Her help was invaluable. I've had several friends ask me if having a doula attend my birth really made a difference. My answer is simple: don't give birth without one!

-Eryn M