Childbirth Education Classes

Over the course of four classes parents will learn anatomy, hospital policies and procedures, physiological process of labor, and optimal fetal positioning. We will cover evidence based information on pregnancy and birth. Parents will recognize the Rights of the Childbearing Woman. We will cover the postpartum experience including care and healing. As well as encourage partners to discuss expectations for labor and postpartum. Partners will learn comfort measures and coping skills including breathing, relaxation, positions to labor in, positions to push in, positions for optimal fetal positioning. Parents will complete the class series feeling: empowered, prepared, informed, educated, confident and capable as they approach the birth of their baby.

Group Class is $300 and reserves seats for two people and includes class materials.

Registration Fee: A $50 registration is required to book your classes.

This fee is non-refundable


I'm also proud to be the instructor for the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Education Series

Doula Services

My goal as a birth doula is to provide emotional and physical support for the birthing mother and her partner. Through prenatal appointments, phone calls, and email I provide resources throughout pregnancy and help you prepare for your upcoming birth. During your labor and birth, my goal is to keep your circle of care connected and the laboring mother in the center; where she belongs.

Doula services include 34 and 38 week prenatal visits, the birth and a postpartum visit within two weeks after the birth. The fee for birth doula support is $850 . A 50% deposit holds your space on my calendar and is due at time of contract signing. The balance of $425 is due in full by 38 weeks of pregnancy. If baby is born prior to 38 weeks and doula attends the birth, payment is due within a week after the birth.

Lactation Support and Education

I am dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding and human lactation and work to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. If your goal is to succeed at breastfeeding, my goal is to help you accomplish doing so. Through in home visits, education and connecting to other necessary resources I will support your desire to breastfeed. In home visits are charged an hourly rate of $30 plus mileage at .50 cents a mile.

Service Package Options

Three private, three hour classes in your own home tailored to your needs: $450

Three hour Refresher class in your own home: $175

Doula Services plus Group Class: $1,000

Doula Services plus Private Class: $1,150

Doula Services, Group or Private Class, Plus five hours in home lactation support: $1,250